Benefits of Ultra Duration Numbing For Permanent Makeup Applications

Benefits of Ultra Duration Numbing For Permanent Makeup Applications

As a Permanent Makeup Artist, the experience of your client during the procedure is of utmost importance. You want to ensure your permanent makeup (PMU) services are pain-free and offer quality results to the clients.

To achieve a result that makes you and the client happier, you need an extra duration of numbness, even during the PMU procedure. For this, the use of secondary numbing creams such as Ultra Duration and Tag 45 have become quite popular. The main purpose is to ensure your client doesn’t feel uncomfortable during the PMU procedure so you can put creativity and precision at work freely. However, this is not all; there are many reasons that make using Ultra Duration an important part of the procedure for PMU artists. If you are curious to explore the reasons, read this blog till the end.

What do you mean by Ultra Duration Numbing?

Ultra Duration is a secondary numbing gel/liquid agent applied after the skin is penetrated. This means the skin has already been worked on by needles following the application of the primary numbing agent. The main difference between both agents is the time of application. The secondary agent is applied during the procedure on open skin. In contrast, the primary numbing agent is used to numb the skin before the PMU procedure takes place. Also, secondary numbing products tend to be much stronger than primary numbing agents.

The use of a secondary numbing gel/liquid agent is required during the procedure when the constant wiping and pigment implantation wipe out the effect of the primary agent. This is done to ensure the client doesn’t feel any pain during the procedure, even when the effect of the primary agent starts to fade away. 

The common ingredients in numbing gel/liquid agents are special anesthetics and soothing components. These ingredients work in tandem to create a long-lasting numbing effect without any safety issues.

The importance of comfort in Permanent Makeup


You, as a customer, have to go through a tattoo session where every stroke feels painful. How would this experience make you feel? Frustrated, right? 

It not only hampers the comfort of the client but also jeopardizes the result of your art. Ultra Duration Numbing solves this problem so your client can feel little to no discomfort and more relaxation during their permanent makeup experience.

Ultra Duration becomes even more crucial in situations where the client has sensitive skin. A quality topical anesthetic is both effective and gentle on the client's skin. That’s why adding secondary numbing gel/liquid agents or products to your permanent makeup procedures becomes crucial to assure your clients of safety, comfort, and results.

What are the benefits of Ultra Duration Numbing?

There are many benefits associated with the application of Ultra Duration Numbing. Some of them are listed below:

1. Enhanced client experience:

This is one of the best reasons to opt for Ultra Duration Numbing. A happy client means a prosperous business. Your clients can now sit or lay for a longer period during their permanent makeup procedure. This creates a more comfortable and relaxed atmosphere where a positive relationship between the client and artist develops.

2. Improved precision and attention to detail:

The work of permanent makeup artists requires a high level of precision and attention to every detail. When your clients are at ease, your mind focuses on creating perfect strokes each time. This leads to you creating artwork that will turn your clients into vocal supporters of your PMU business.

3. Potential for more elaborate results:

The extra time provided by using secondary numbings like Ultra Duration helps you elaborate and refine your art to a whole new level. From intricate microblading results to meticulous lip blush jobs, PMU artists can push their horizons knowing their clients are comfortable throughout the whole appointment. Normally, clients fall asleep after secondary numbing is applied. Take this as a compliment.

What are the steps for the correct Ultra Duration application?

To ensure the Ultra Duration is applied correctly, you need to follow certain steps, which are as follows.

  1. Ensure the target skin area is clean and dry before applying.
  2. Apply the primary agent and let it sit for the recommended time.
  3. Once the effect sets in, proceed with the PMU procedure to penetrate the skin using PMU devices.
  4. Apply Ultra Duration as per recommended guidelines, ensuring complete coverage of the treated area.
  5. Re-apply Ultra Duration during the procedure as needed, remaining within the recommended guidelines.
  6. Continue with the PMU procedure once the skin is adequately numb.

Safety considerations

The benefits of Ultra Duration Numbing are evident, but safety will always remain the top priority. The first thing every permanent makeup artist should look for is the ingredients of their numbing products. This ensures you are aligned with the industry standards and regulations.

Moreover, by knowing the constituents, you can serve the clients right every time. In this, the patch test becomes crucial to figure out if the customers are allergic-resistant to the products or not. As a permanent makeup artist, you should also search for brands that offer quality and safe products. Skin Care Supply Store is a platform where we have a collection of only the best brands in the industry. Our products are tried and tested to have an extended yet soothing effect on your clients. Use them to create the perfect brows or lips for your client.

Final Words !!

In the end, know that Permanent makeup is not just about enhancing beauty; it’s much more. It is an art form that requires precision, creativity, and the client's comfort. Ultra Duration Numbing is a solution that gives you extra numbness time after the effect of primary agents starts to fade away. This becomes critical to ensure you have enough time to complete the PMU procedure. Unlike the old numbing methods, this one is safer and more efficient to work with. Explore the Skin Care Supply Store for premium secondary numbing products such as Tag 45, Ultra Duration, and Zensa numbing cream. Use our products to offer the best PMU services to your clients