About Us


The world of permanent makeup and beauty is growing each year. As the industry takes off, so does the demand for more advanced techniques and products. Clients expect the process to be smooth and pain-free, which is exactly what we can help you provide. Skn Cr is a distributor of the highest quality numbing agents for Permanent Makeup artists.


At Skn Cr Supply Store, we are committed to ensuring your client feels no pain. In order to succeed as a permanent makeup artist, client's comfort plays a huge role in their experience. With the help of our incredible products, you can ease your client's pain and mind quickly during their permanent makeup procedure. We offer primary and secondary numbings from the most reputable and trusted brands like Unit Dose, Dermal Source, Zensa, Face & Body Professionals, and more.


We want to help your business thrive with topical anesthetics that are authentic and effective, making the permanent makeup experience more enjoyable for both artist and their client.

Skn Cr is one-of-a-kind distributor and on the cutting edge of the industry. We are thrilled to be a distributor for the brands we work with and can’t wait to hear how these products work for you.