About Us

The world of permanent makeup is growing exponentially each year. As the industry takes off, so does the demand for more advanced techniques and products. Clients expect the process to be smooth and pain-free, which is exactly what we can help you provide.

At your Skincare Supply Store, we are committed to your client’s satisfaction. In order to succeed as a permanent makeup artist, you need your clients to feel comfortable with your work. The application process can be painful for some. Plus, the aftereffect of the needle may make the end result a little concerning for people at first sight. With the help of our incredible products, you can ease your client's pain and mind quickly.

Our gels, creams, and liquid topical anesthetics are perfect for use during pre-numbing and secondary numbing used on broken skin to offer quick relief from redness and swelling. We believe in only providing the very best product to our customers, which is why we have thoroughly tested and stand behind the topical anesthetics we offer as being the highest quality. We are dedicated to your satisfaction, and believe whole heartedly this will be monumental for your business.

Creating repeat clients is what keeps your business thriving. We want to help get you there with an amazing products that make the permanent makeup experience more enjoyable. We are thrilled to be a distributor for these topical anesthetics and can’t wait to hear how it will impact your business and client experience!